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We do our best to make Blockchain accessible for everyone, as Blockchain "is technical tour de force" / Bill Gates/

Blockchain consultations

Having practical expirience in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies we gladly share it with everyone. Our main spheres of consultations are:

  • Main features of the Blockchain technology.
  • Security in the Blockchain systems.
  • Blockchain problems and ways out.

Should You have an idea in the sphere of Cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology do not hesitate to contact us. We shall evaluate and help make Your idea real, using our expirience ant technical possibilities.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education is way to future.

Blockchain technology has reliably entered the modern world and is the most developing part of finance technology, network security and p2p systems.

  • Why is it better to study Blockchain technology NOW?

    Blockchain technology is an integral part of modern technology and is at an early and turbulent stage of development. The sooner you get to know it, the easier it will be for you later to understand what is happening in this area, which has attracted tens of Billions of dollars in such a short period of time.

  • Blockchain technology is used in areas completely far from IT, for example, in gambling, car manufacturing, pharmacology, etc.

    By becoming more familiar with distributed technologies, you will be able to solve your daily tasks more efficiently today or in the near future.

  • Until the blockchain becomes the property of the majority of the population, all the great changes that distributed technology is capable of will never come. Owning and implementing Blockchain technology, everyone becomes an active participant in such a transformation of society, technology and finance.


Master classes

- is an ideal way to get acquainted with different areas of ​​application of Blockchain technology. Just a few hours of funny lessons and you will become kind of expert in the chosen area and save your time and money.

Each participant, receives a certificate confirming participation of the corresponding Master Class.


The courses are designed for an unexpirienced audience, are simple and do not require prior knowledge / skills. Recommended for specialists, companies related to decentralized technologies and those who want to get practical skills in the relevant sphere. Each participant takes a practical part on setting up equipment or programs working with Blockchain technology.

Each participant, receives a certificate confirming participation of the corresponding Master Class.


“Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of money.” – Paul Buchheit (Creator of Gmail)

We love what we do and are always happy to share the expirience of our activities with everyone.



Thanks to Blockchain, many have become richer, more educated, freer, and the rest yet do not know what Blockchain is.


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Blockchain is the most difficult technology to implement if you are not ready to refuse the old conception.


If IT technologies are close to you and you want to become a part of this project, we will be glad to see you!



If you are honest, executive and you do not need motivation to work - write to us.


Project Manager

If you believe in the future of Blockchain and want to create something new, welcome to our team.


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